Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hong Kong - Bible Books!

This 6th grade class from Hong Kong posted a vocally impressive video of themselves singing the "Bible Books" song on YouTube.  Gotta love those back-up vocals at 1:43...


Carrie said...

Is the ICS in Hong Kong. I think I recognized some of my students! Let me know! Miss Callahan!!!

ozzytong said...

Hi, I am oswald, a boy from ics in this video. This is teh bible class. Are yo u really miss callahan?

Cheif or George Washington said...


Daniel said...


Wesley said...

heyy this is so weird... haha... hi miss callahan... how's korea and are you ever going to come back and visit?

Marcus said...

Miss Callahan!!! I really enjoyed your music classes, you taught me how to sing and i will never forget that :D

jadon said...

Miss Callahan!!! Miss u a ton. When are u coming back? Im in this movie!!!

ozzytong said...

o my gosh. its really ms callarhan
do u rememner me OSWALD TONG

MemoryKeeper said...

I found some of your fantastic videos on YouTube. We are a brand new church so I am always looking for great resources on a non-existent budget.


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Quick said...

heyy :)
I miss you so much
hows life..
you need to come back
we all miss you so much
you HAVE to come back..
still its your choice but you know you are always welcome back at our place..

the ppl in the vid
you guys are good
not bad but good
i love the place where all the harmony came together
it sounded perfect
gave me a laugh
you guys rock
love you