Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bible Books

If you haven't already done this, consider this your official invitation to memorize the books of the Bible! My objective in writing this song was to make the names of the books of the Bible as musical and memorable as possible. I've received many emails from students thanking me after this song helped them ACE their Bible books tests!  The performance track mp3 is available for free download in the "funzone" at Guitar chords are available here

(Learn them now, don't let your kids beat you to it!!!)


Bjorn and Trisha Olsen said...

Hello My name is Bjorn Olsen and I am a Middle School Christian Studies teacher and would love to download your video to help our students memorize the books of the Bible. Is there anyway I could purchase a copy of the video? I love the song and video. It is the best I have seen and heard!Please email me at

Sand Carving said...

I really enjoy the Bible Books song. It is my favorite bible books memorization tool.

Thank you for sharing it!